Hijamah also known as wet cupping is an ancient form of treatment in which a vacuum is created in cups that are positioned in different areas of the body. This vacuum can be created by heat or suction and draws skin, tissue and muscle into the cup. Small scratches are then applied over the area where the suction is applied, which allows the release of blood.

Hijamah is the only form of treatment which lifts up tissue rather than pressing down into the tissue which gives it its uniqueness. In brief, Hijamah encourages blood flow, helps the release of toxins and inflammation. It has a great influence on reducing pain as it allows the removal of stagnant blood, swelling and inflammation at the site of pain. Hijamah is able to have an impact up to 4 inches deep which means it is able to affect muscle, fascia, skin as well as deeper organs.

Ismail completed his Hijamah Course in March 2014, since he has treated a high number of client's with various conditions. Using his knowledge of anatomy and physiology gained at university. Ismail is able to combine different treatments with Hijamah in order to get the best possible results. He has seen amazing benefits with Hijamah including relief from Muscular, Joint and Nerve pain. This includes lower back pain, sciatica and knee pain (arthritis).

As well as being certifies and fully insured, Hijamah is performed in a safe, clean and clinical environment to both male and female patients. The clinic adheres to high standards of hygiene, cleanliness, health and safety and adheres to strict universal cross-infection control procedures. The therapy is certified in the principles of the prevention and control of infection in a health care setting making sure high standards are met. To ensure the highest levels clinical hygiene, all equipment used on each patient is single use and disposable.

Please note: Hijamah is NOT Painful!!

Medical Studies into Cupping

"Hijamah Cupping increases blood flow due to negative pressure and filtration draws impurities, pathogenic matter, toxins and contaminated matter away from deep organs, tissue and other parts of the body in the vicinity, towards the surface just under the skin into the cup".!!!!!