This treatment involves the placement of heated glass cups on the skin which creates a vacuum. The vacuum is created by removing the oxygen from the cup via a flame, the cup is immediately applied to the area which requires treatment. Skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup. Fire Cupping can be used to treat different disorders in its own right or in conjunction with other therapies. It has been used to treat: chronic back pains, arthritis, swollen and painful joints, respiratory problems, colds, and headaches, promote relaxation, sleep disorders, cellulite reduction, anxiety and depression.

Performing cupping over injured sites promotes better circulation, thus, speed up the healing process. The detoxification effect of the blood suction also allows for old blood to vacate the capillaries and be filled with new ones result to renewed energy and vitality. This treatment is also utilised to influence the movement of lymph fluid, venous drainage and reduction of stagnant flow. Areas of pain/inflammation benefit greatly from dry cupping as it relieves congestion and promotes normal blood flow. Fire cupping can also be used as a form of massage which works in the opposite way to normal massage as it lifts up muscle/tissue rather than pressing down. Furthermore, it is thought that fire cupping pulls out blockages in the patient's chi which allows energy to flow more freely and promote healing. Fire cupping can also be used as a form of deep tissue massage that promotes stress relief and relaxation. A WONDERFUL and UNIQUE EXPERIANCE.