IB Physiotherapy and Hijamah aims to provide clients with effective early treatment to improve the quality and wellbeing of people's lives. IB Physio offers high quality, affordable, professional treatments to clients. Passionate about helping people feel better whether that is getting back to sport or simply being able to get around without pain.

The most common injuries and physical complaints seen in the clinic are listed below:
o Lower Back Pain o Neck Pain
o Sciatica o Nerve Entrapment
o Whiplash o Shoulder Pain
o Elbow Pain o Knee Pain
o Hip/Groin Pain o Arthritic Pain
o Ankle/Foot Pain o Heel Pain
o Stiff Joints o Tendon & Ligament Pain

Aim of IB Physio

IB Physio is primarily based in the city of Leicester. However, clients are seen all across the UK including London, Birmingham, Derby, Coventry & Nottingham.

IB Physio provides Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation by using a number of treatments (see treatments available). The main aim is to provide clients with effective early treatment in order to improve the quality and wellbeing of people's lives. This is achieved by providing a comprehensive assessment & treatment programme that meets individual needs. The assessment aims to identify and address the cause of the problem, relieve pain and get clients back to full recovery and function, whether that is getting back to sport or simply being able to get around without pain.

IB Physio is fully insured by the Health Professions Council (HCPC) and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) in order to offer safe, high quality, affordable and professional treatments in clinics which adhere to high standards of hygiene, cleanliness and health and safety regulations.

Ismail Bham

BSc (Hons) MCSP – Chartered Physiotherapist

Ismail Bham graduated at the University of Leicester in 2013. After completing a challenging 3-year BSc honours degree in Physiotherapy, Ismail has trained in Acupuncture, Manipulative Therapy (Chiropractic skills) and is qualified to perform Hijamah (Cupping). In addition, he holds an Intermediate Level First Aid certificate, along with a Sports Massage qualification.

Ismail from young has always been passionate about helping others which is why he has choose to work in this field.

Having successfully aided a variety of patient groups to full recovery, Ismail specialises as a manual therapist with invaluable rehabilitation and sports massage skills. Ismail deals with a variety of clients whose origin of pain ranges from general day to day aches to long-term injuries. He has had valuable experience within the National Health Service (NHS) and has worked for various private companies including Physio World. Within the NHS, he has experience in assessing and treating patients with Musculoskeletal, Neurology, Elective and Trauma Orthopaedics, Respiratory and mental health. While working for a national based private organisation, Ismail gained valuable experience treating patients with a wide range of Musculoskeletal conditions including back pain and sciatica, neck pain, joint and muscle pain and many more related complaints.

Along with this, Ismail is able to communicate in English, Gujarati & Urdu.